Author: Darragha Foster
Book #:
Genre: Paranormal|Fantasy|Action&Adventure|General
Heat Level: 3
Words: 26696
Content Notes: Hot,Anal Intercourse
Publication Date: 09/12/2016

Darragha Foster’s latest Consumed is sure to heat you up: Firefighter Ben will have to choose between his lady love and Lady Fire—without getting singed. Who will pack more heat? Smart, strong hotshot Haydn O’Hara, or the spirit of Fire herself?

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(2009) Liquid Silver Books – Hearts Afire: October anthology and Forevermore Publishing (year unknown)
Ben Storms knows fire. A hotshot, he’s not afraid to fight fire with fire and walk into the belly of a blaze to put it out. Only one thing has ever frightened him—how he feels about Hadyn O’Hara, a fellow firefighter. The largest wildland fire in decades brings them together again, working the same handcrew. Too bad Fire is a jealous bitch and doesn’t want to share Ben. Hadyn breathes in the spirit of Fire after an injury and sets Ben’s heart ablaze—with dire consequences to them both.


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