Cold, Hard Kash

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Author: Darragha Foster
Series: A Shadow Lover Tale
Book #:
Genre: Fantasy|Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 32,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 4/3/2006

Living with a curse isn’t easy. But finding a way to end the curse can be downright deadly! Darragha Foster spins a fantastical tale of mythical creatures in her hot, paranormal romance Cold, Hard Kash, A Shadow Lover Tale.

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Cold, Hard Kash

When a woman calls—Kash goes. And she comes. Kash is an Incubus. A Shadow Lover– furious and passionate with a burn hotter than dry ice. Cursed in the 1860’s for a drunken crime against an innocent young woman, Kash has been making amends to the fairer sex for over a hundred years.

Patience Marlow, a creature of the night herself, summons Kash and coerces him into a sordid world of pain and pleasure where wealthy mythic guests spend their evenings play-torturing and schtupping immortal men. In her arms, Kash’s punishment for breaking the rules of his curse takes on a whole new meaning. In his arms, though she wants to control and conquer him for reasons of her own, Patience lets her guard down. She is tired of the battle to control her demonic tendencies. Kash holds the key to her freedom. Too bad he has to kill her to set her free.

Some girls prefer diamonds.

Patience Marlow likes Cold, Hard Kash.

He is tormented, but terribly polite.

She’s just plain mean…but searching…

Neither is exactly human.

Can they survive their incendiary attraction to find love…and freedom…

From the curse that binds them.

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