Cleopatra’s Dagger


Author: MacKenzie Reed, Rae Monet
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Genre: Anthology|Paranormal|ScienceFiction
Heat Level: 3
Words: 30,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

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Cleopatra's Dagger

Christmas Story – MacKenzie Reed

It’s Christmas! And it’s also adventurer Caryn Sinclair’s favorite holiday. Gifts and gatherings around the hearth are in; work and travel are out. So imagine her chagrin when she’s asked to join an expedition to find Cleopatra’s Dagger, a magical blade purported to show the future. Intriguing! Even so, she doesn’t consider breaking her no work during Christmas rule until she sees that Rex St. James is also a member of the team. On a previous expedition, she’d fallen hard and fast for Rex. Then he ran, stealing their find as well as her heart. Now Caryn decides to take the job not because of Rex, but despite him. The challenge of the hunt proves greater than her distrust.

Rex St. James has called himself every kind of fool. When he left Caryn before, it was because he couldn’t handle the overwhelming feelings developing between them. And when she uttered those three little words most men fear, he’d panicked. But he’s had six months to think about his one act of stupidity and when an opportunity presents itself which will bring him back into her life, Rex takes it. Uncovering Cleopatra’s Dagger is all well and good, but what Rex really wants to find is a happily-ever-after with Caryn. He has big plans to bring that about, including smiles, kisses, and much more.

As they get closer to discovering the Dagger, it becomes obvious that someone wants the treasure but would prefer Caryn and Rex not finish the expedition. Does Cleopatra’s Dagger truly reveal the future? And will it include a happy ending for Caryn and Rex, or a tragic loss beneath the shifting sands of an Egyptian desert?

Cleopatra’s Legacy – Rae Monet

Rick Masters takes his job as an Intergalactic Police Officer seriously. He’s pursuing a fugitive, in the form of one sexy, stubborn female. He won’t stop until he has her, every and any way he can.

Jordan Fare is an outlaw with a purpose, the jeweled dagger of Cleopatra and the planet Earth during the busy Christmas season. The only one in her way is foxy IO, Rick Masters. Trust is a fragile emotion for Jordan, can Rick convince her he’s worth it.

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