Christmas Carols

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Author: Daisy Banks
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Genre: Historical/General
Heat Level: 1
Words: 26,000
Content Notes: Sweet
Publication Date: 8/10/2015

One man’s courage and one widow’s beautiful voice lead an unlikely pair on a tender journey toward happiness. You’ll love Christmas Carols by Daisy Banks, a charming Victorian tale about taking chances and learning to love again.

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Christmas Carols

Stephen Grafton, the blind organist at Holy Trinity Church, is gaining a reputation for his fine playing and compositions. Alice Broadbrace’s initial venture back into society after years in deep mourning brings her to the notice of the talented organist, and he offers her the opportunity to sing a solo carol to his accompaniment. His courage convinces her to find her own, while her charm entices him into thoughts of romance. A difficult walk in a snow storm is only the beginning of Stephen and Alice’s journey to happiness. Enjoy this sweet Victorian tale of talent and love blossoming.

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