Carnal Pleasures


Author: Blaise Kilgallen
Series: A Wicked Regency
Book #:
Genre: Historical/General|Historical/Regency|Military|Suspense
Heat Level: 3
Words: 99,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 11/8/2004

Love potions, unbridled passion, and murder plots … the twists and turns of this Wicked Regency take you on a wild romp from the streets of London to the English countryside. Set against the glittering backdrop of Regency England, Blaise Kilgallen presents her sexy, suspenseful, historical romance, Carnal Pleasures.

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Carnal Pleasures

Will a canine bring about a truce between two untrusting lovers?A wicked, erotic, full length, Regency romance set in early 1800 England, Lt. Griffith Spencer, once a full-fledged libertine, is “drummed out” of Wellington’s army as a pervert. He agrees to act as male escort/whore for Countess Eberley. When she ups the ante on their original agreement, he is commanded to seduce and marry the countess’s stepdaughter.

Lady Dulcina Trayhern is the only child of the deceased Earl of Eberley. Her closest companion is her dog, Simon. Forced to visit London by her stepmother to seek a husband, Dulcie and Griff are thrown together under the roof of the wicked Countess. Attraction between the two flares into an uncontrollable passion when they are slipped a powerful love potion. Before they marry, Griff heads for the Peninsula again to reclaim his honor, and Dulcie escapes London to her father’s country estate.

Devising a way to get rid of Dulcie, Countess Eberley and her lesbian lady’s maid, Emma Trent, follow Dulcie to Surrey, there, to do away with her before the marriage deadline is reached as spelled out in the Earl’s will.

Meanwhile, badly wounded, Griff is sent to an over-crowded London hospital where he must recuperate or die. Can he overcome fever and hallucinations quickly enough to save the girl he now knows he loves? Will Dulcie forget that she believes Griff is in cahoots with the Countess and forgive him for his lies and seduction?

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