Bloodlines 3 Apocalypse


Author: Toni L. Meilleur
Series: Bloodlines
Book #:
Genre: Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 50,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 5/10/2010

The Triad is the only force that can defeat Dominica. With the fate of all pureblood shape-shifters hanging in the balance, Khaelen, and Dharean must find a way to rise above their jealously and join Allantra to fight the evil that threatens to tear their world apart. Passion burns within the pages of Book 3 of Toni Meilleur’s Bloodlines series.

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Bloodlines 3 Apocalypse

The Apocalypse has begun. The maniacally evil Dominica has become corporeal and her threats are being horribly realized. Armed with a wealth of knowledge of the dark arts, Dominica will use every supernatural means at her disposal to kill any pureblood shape-shifter in existence. There is no one powerful enough to stop her. Not even the prophesied Triumvirate.

The destined Triad, Allantra, Khaelen, and Dharean, must bond and work as a single powerful unit to stop Dominica. But amid this war, both love and jealousy bloom. Can the Triumvirate come together in time to save the pureblood shifters? Or will the rivalry of the two alpha males for their destined mate cost them all their lives?

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