Blood of the Vines


Author: Ann Cory
Series: Vampire Hunter
Book #:
Genre: Paranormal|Suspense
Heat Level: 3
Words: 23,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 6/11/2012

She really should keep her mind on business. As an ex-vampire, she’s the perfect one to investigate strange happenings within the vampire world, and right now she’s supposed to be investigating the trail of bodies left behind by a rogue band of vampires. If she could keep her mind on business, rather than the perfect body of sexy bartender Garrett Reynolds, she just might live long enough to have her way with him.

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Blood of the Vines

Once a vampire, now a vampire hunter, Regan Fellows walks a fine line with her reputation. Unable to afford her favorite Italian leather outfits, she takes any job she’s offered. When the owner of The Vines, a popular nightclub, asks her to investigate strange occurrences within her establishment, her investigation takes a disturbing turn. As Regan explores the labyrinth of rooms within The Vines, she discovers blood-filled carboys, discarded bodies, and shadows that follow her every move. But they aren’t the only problems.

Sexy bartender, Garrett Reynolds is a bona-fide distraction, and flawless at the art of breaking down her resistance. Even in the midst of tracking a ruthless horde of vampires, Regan can’t deny him. And that attraction puts her in more danger than any job she ever accepted.

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