Bitter Change


Author: Mara Lee
Book #:
Genre: Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 41,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 8/23/2004

Time is running out … for both Lothos and Ethenia. One must find his mate, one is fleeing an enemy determined to destroy her. In Bitter Change, Mara Lee weaves a passionate tale where love becomes the greatest weapon against the darkest evil.

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Bitter Change

A Mate For Each Man That Does Not Deny His Beast

These are the words written in the ancient text of the Loopin. But Lothos Freemont has run the woods and searched the world for his mate … to no avail. And time is running out. If Lothos does not find his mate, the other half of his soul, his beast will swallow him whole. And just when he falls to his darkest point … his golden angel enters his life.

Ethenia Deveux has fled from an evil that is stalking her. She unexpectedly takes refuge with Lothos and discovers a kindred spirit. Her beast calls to his, and in Lothos she finds the tender lover and protector she has been searching for, and so desperately nees.

But evil shadows Ethenia’s steps, and will not let her go. Lothos and Ethenia find to combat this evil they will need all their considerable strength and the help of some unlikely allies. Can they defeat the darkness that ravages Ethenia’s world? And can Lothos convince Ethenia to take a chance on true love? For in the end—it is love that is the greatest weapon against evil.

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