Arkan’s Bride


Author: Davida McLea
Book #:
Genre: Erotica|Fantasy|Paranormal
Heat Level: 4
Words: 36,000
Content Notes: Intense Edgy Erotic Romance
Publication Date: 8/10/2009

Searching for the means to save his people, Arkan seeks out the woman fated to be his. Finding her already engaged, yet unwilling to give her up, he opens his heart to them both. Davida McLea weaves a magical tale of trust and love, where an unbreakable bond holds the means to save the Fae from an evil force bent on destruction.

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Arkan's Bride

Donna Kidwell has always known she is different. Left on the steps of her adopted parents’ home, she yearned to find her birth parents and finally know where she belongs. When the Kidwells are killed in a fiery crash and Donna discovers the truth of her birth, she turns her back on her mysterious past and prepares to make a life with her fiancé Ethan.

Arkan of the Fae has waited for his promised bride for 21 years. She not only holds his heart, she holds the salvation of the Fae and all of Culatheed in her hands. When he finds her engaged to another man, he finds room in his heart for both Donna and Ethan.

Ethan has loved Donna for as long as he can remember. When another Arkan shows up to claim her as his own, Ethan refuses to step aside, becoming entangled in a love affair he never imagined.

The three forge a bond that can’t be torn apart as they return to Culatheed to save the Fae from destruction at the hands of the Gwylla.

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