Author: Edie Jo Gibson
Series: A Retribution Novel
Book #: 3
Genre: Action&Adventure|Contemporary|Suspense|Military
Heat Level: 1
Words: 52129
Content Notes: Sweet
Publication Date: 09/19/2016

Nolan fell in love with Brenda Sue the moment he saw her. Now a violent trafficker has threatened her and her son to motivate Nolan to help with his illegal business. Nolan tries pushing her away for her safety, but her determination is too strong and their love far stronger.

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Nolan Foster fell in love the moment he saw Brenda Sue Banks. Her kind innocence filled his dark life with light. Until he crossed paths with Burrows, who would like to use Nolan’s skills for illegal ventures, and threatens Brenda Sue and her son for motivation. Nolan has to find a way to take down Burrows’ empire while keeping her and her son safe, even if it means showing her his darkness and possibly losing her forever.

Brenda Sue knows what Nolan does for a living. She might be a kindergarten teacher, but she is more than aware of evil out in the world, and knows it takes men like Nolan to get rid of it. He might be determined to keep her away from him for her safety, but she’s got other things in mind. Love like theirs comes once in a lifetime and he has been alone for too long. He needs her and she’s not about to walk away.


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