A Viking’s Vow


Author: Rae Monet
Book #:
Genre: Historical/General|Historical/Viking
Heat Level: 3
Words: 28,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 11/1/2004

A female Wolf Warrior honor bound to protect the Solarian wolves, and their secrets. A fierce Viking, determined to save his people. More than weapons clash as they meet in the highland forests of Scotland in Rae Monet’s hot, historical romance A Vikings Vow.

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A Viking's Vow

The year is 1311.

The day of the Viking is coming to an end.

They called him Eirik the Fierce. A Norseman bred from a long line of Viking Jarls and the leader of a starving Icelandic settlement. The news from England—the King is offering a bounty equal to a year’s harvest for the pelts of Scotland’s wolves.

What Eirik found in the highland forests of Scotland was much more valuable than he could imagine. Her name was Sable.

For Sable, protecting the lives of the Solarian wolves is ingrained into the soul of every Wolf Warrior. When the battle-trained Norsemen invade the Realm territory, Sable has no choice but to fight. Forced into submission and taken prisoner Sable must surrender or die.

However, Eirik will find a female Wolf Warrior of the highest order does not take well to a life of Viking slave and he begins to wonder which of them has become enslaved.

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