A Perfect Symmetry


Author: Jeanne Barrack
Series: Terran Realm
Book #:
Genre: Fantasy|Paranormal
Heat Level: 3
Words: 101,000
Content Notes: Hot
Publication Date: 3/23/2009

Waging the battle on two continents requires a perfect symmetry of body, mind, and soul, and may be the only weapons strong enough to save the world. Discover if love will be enough when the power of three is unleashed … twice!

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A Perfect Symmetry

The battle continues as Brigid, Gabe, and Ethan struggle to discover the secret that will hurl evil back through the gates of hell.

Terrans and lovers Gabe, Brigid, and Ethan travel to America following the trail of Lord Nolen, a crazed Destroyer. They foiled his plans to open a gate for the demon Ba’al in Ireland, but he escaped.  They must now relocate Lord Nolen and destroy his plan for world domination as Ba’al’s emissary.

Eileen remained in Ireland to locate and recruit Terrans to help in the fight. Machnamh is Dagda’s greatest ally, and one of the pureblood Irish Spirit Keepers known to modern day Irish as the Sidhe. When Mach meets Eileen and Casey, the three must bind themselves together in passion as they meld their powers into the perfect weapon against Lord Nolen. Orphaned Casey, a Protector in the warrior class of Terrans, responds to the call.

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