The Assistant

K.T. Black


Chapter 1

Slam! Muttering to herself, Elise Bennette stopped long enough to lock the front door of her condo and kick off her high heels before she stomped across the room, headed in the direction of the kitchen. As she passed by her dining room table, the loud slap of her leather satchel making contact with polished wood echoed around the room. She was furious. All week she’d looked forward to today. Promises had been made, yet here she stood, disappointed again.

Once she was in front of the liquor cabinet, Elise went straight for the full bottle of vodka. With a firm grip on the bottle’s neck, she sidestepped over to where the drinking glasses were located and selected the largest one she could find. She placed the glass and the vodka on the counter long enough to grab some ice cubes and a container of grapefruit juice from the fridge.

As she dropped in a handful of ice, it clanged against the glass. Then three shots worth of vodka was added, followed by enough juice to fill the tall glass. A brief stir and Elise took the first glorious swallow. As the liquid filled her mouth and eased down her throat, the tangy taste of grapefruit juice and the warm burn of alcohol began to produce the instant sedating effects she was seeking.

“Oh God! I still can’t believe—” She shook her head, her voice trailing off as she began to mutter again. Good thing she was alone. At the moment, she looked like a mad woman.

With her drink in hand, Elise walked into her bedroom. All she could think about was exchanging work clothes for something more comfortable. After another healthy swallow from her drink, she set the glass down on the lamp table beside her bed. Then she selected a pair of sweats, her favorite comfy long-sleeved T-shirt, and a pair of thick fluffy socks, and proceeded to strip.

Once her suit jacket and skirt were folded, she added them to the stack for the dry cleaners, while her other things went into the clothes hamper. Even when her life was in chaos, she managed to maintain a sense of order.

With everything in its place, she wandered back over to her bed and took a moment to rearrange and stack the pillows up against the headboard. After a few minutes of hunting, she located the remote for the television. She turned it on the instant the controller was in her hand. Clutching the remote, she walked over to her lamp table, gathered up her drink, and took a quick sip before settling down on top of her bed.

As she flipped through random channels, Elise wasn’t searching for anything in particular. At the moment, it was all white noise as her mind kept going over what happened at the office. Her boss had waited until she was ready to go home to inform her that Mark Wilson had received the promotion she’d been promised. Three months of hard work for nothing. And to top it off, he stole her legal assistant in the process.


Elise stopped changing channels long enough to raise her drink to her lips. The glass now half empty, the alcohol started to catch up to her. Tight muscles began to loosen and feel tingly and light while her eyelids drooped as her brain started to become fuzzy.

With the controller aimed at the TV, she resumed her channel surfing until she came across one of the premium channels. It was in the middle of a movie she’d seen before, but at the moment couldn’t think of the name.

Elise felt much calmer now, but her anger still persisted. She didn’t want to have to train a new assistant. It had taken forever to get Janice where she didn’t have to walk her through everything. No, she didn’t want to think about that now.

The glass raised up to her mouth, she gulped down what remained and finished her drink. Empty glass in hand, she considered fixing another one but was too comfortable to move. Besides, the drink had been three times stronger than what she normally drank.

After she placed the glass on the lamp table, she slipped down the bed, all her muscles slack. Elise’s thoughts drifted to fulfilling a different need. Something that would take even more of the edge off her disappointing day and allow her to feel better than she currently did.

Leaning across her bed, she stretched her upper body over the side of the mattress and opened up the bottom drawer of her bedside nightstand. Her goodie drawer. After she picked one of her favorite vibrators, Elise made certain the batteries were still good. The familiar buzz, when she pressed the button on then off, had a Pavlovian effect on her body. In that instant, her clit tightened and her sex became warmer, starting to lubricate. Rolling over onto her back, she held up the thick phallus and stared at it as her brain settled between her legs. She bit her lower lip as she remembered what pleasures this particular vibrator could deliver.

Eager to begin, Elise put the device down by her side. Her pussy pulsed in anticipation as she pushed her sweat pants and underwear down past her knees. As she lay back, her legs fell open. When the sensation of cool air hit warm, damp flesh, she shivered.

With a deep breath, her heart pounding, Elise reached over and picked up the vibrator. After she placed it on its lowest setting, she brought the buzzing device down between her legs and sighed as it made contact. At first, she traced a distorted circle along the sensitive lips, careful not to touch her clit. Her body sank heavily against the mattress while her hips moved in response to the sensations.

When Elise dipped the tip inside enough to gather up some of her juices, she felt tempted to push the vibrator in further. She resisted, knowing she wasn’t quite ready.

In her mind, Elise envisioned what she needed to do next. Her clit throbbed, motivating her to shift focus. She trailed the device back up along her slit and moaned when she allowed the first touch against her swollen clitoris. Not wanting to come too quickly, she alternated between circles and a firm press against the hard nub. She knew the longer she teased, the more intense her orgasm would be.

As her desire grew, Elise pulled the vibrator away long enough to increase the speed and then returned it between her spread legs, opening wider as she moved it downward. With a shuddered groan, she pushed the head of the vibrator inside and inched it deeper, slowly stretching to accommodate its girth.

Once it was buried inside, she took a moment to relish the dual sensation of being filled and the buzzy stimulation. Oh, it had been way too long.

Beginning a slow, steady push and pull rhythm, Elise began to guide her body toward climax. After the power was switched higher, she moved the vibrator in earnest and focused all her attention on obtaining every ounce of pleasure from the device. Then an errant thought flashed in her mind and caused her to falter. A piece of her shitty day whittled its way in, attempting to derail her efforts. No! She was close and needed to come. Stop thinking!

Elise scrambled to scan through the fantasies she used to help reach orgasm. Would it be enough to distract her angry brain? No. Nothing seemed to help. Huffing out a sigh of frustration, she pulled the vibrator from her body and shut it off. After a brief glance at the television, she discovered that the original movie she’d settled on was over. It was replaced by one of those cheesy B-rated adult movies the premium channels played at night. The typical soft porn scenario aimed at titillating men and teenage boys.

When Elise took a closer look, she noticed this one was different from most, and something she could work with. The woman wasn’t the usual bleach blonde with enormous tits. She was a beautiful brunette with a normal-looking, well-proportioned body. The man had wavy brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and an athletic, muscular build. It wouldn’t take much imagination to pretend she was the brunette being fucked by the hot guy.

Her arousal returned. The vibrator switched back on, Elise attempted to match what she saw playing out on the television. Oh yeah. This was going to work.

After a few minutes, she felt herself getting close to the edge again, but then the scene on the television changed. The brunette woman was now with a cute ginger-headed woman. That caused Elise to pause a moment. Maybe it was the alcohol, or her desire to come, but she altered her fantasy to accommodate what she saw.

Elise took the vibrator out and moved it up to her clit. She circled it around before pressing it against the sensitive nub. Elise repeated this motion and imagined the brunette woman’s hot, wet mouth. In her mind, she saw her clit being sucked deep and teased by the brunette’s tongue.

With the vibrator turned up to its highest speed, Elise tuned everything else out around her but the fantasy of the woman. Soft moans slipped out and her breathing became erratic. Eyes shut tight, her climax threatened to peak. A few seconds more and her body froze as a wave of pure bliss erupted forth, causing her to see stars before the world crashed down around her.

Milking out every last bit of her orgasm, Elise didn’t shut off the vibrator until her clit’s sensitivity shifted toward discomfort. A minute later, the device was tossed away. She turned off the television and somehow managed to pull up her pants before rolling over and falling sound asleep.