Liquid Silver Publishing Submission Guidelines

General Information:

• Currently accepting all romance genres and romance subgenres.
• Romance must be the main focus of your story.
• The story must have well developed characters with depth that entice the reader to like and/or identify with them.
• In general terms, our books follow the meeting and beginning of a romance and then the struggles of putting lives together into a long term relationship. While it doesn’t have to be a “Happily Ever After” ending, the characters should at least be settling in to a “Happy For Now” ending, so there is some sort of emotional satisfaction on the part of the reader.
• Manuscripts (MS) with obvious grammar, formatting, and editing issues will not be considered.
• Manuscripts should be critiqued and polished prior to submitting.

Taboo Subjects:

We reserve the right to refuse submissions based on subjects we deem inappropriate such as:
• Pedophilia
• Rape or incest
• Necrophilia (does not pertain to vampires or other “undead” characters)
• Hate messages to any race, gender, religion, or sexuality
• Bestiality
• Sexual content with participants under the age of 18
• Our definition of pornography

Contract and Royalties:

Liquid Silver Publishing is a full service, royalty paying eBook Publisher, which includes:
• Editing
• Final line editing and proofreading
• Cover art
• ISBN number
• Digital publishing

Our standard contract is for worldwide, English, digital rights for two years.

We pay royalties from 35% to 40% on net monies received from sales in all outlets, depending on word counts and other factors concerning your book. Royalties are paid on a calendar quarter basis by company check. International authors are paid via PayPal.

Submissions and Manuscripts:

• We accept manuscripts with a word count of 15K or above
• We use American English as our standard
• The entire manuscript must be sent as an email attachment in .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF

Your Query Email Must Include:

• Author’s pen name
• Author’s real legal name
• Snail mail address
• Phone number
• Website or blog link (if available)
• Email address
• Secondary email (if available)
• Title (length must be a maximum of 25 characters, including spaces and punctuation)
• Series name
• Book sequence number (if applicable)
• No headers, footers, or page numbers

Manuscript Must Include:

• A blurb or summary of the story. We do not need a synopsis.
• An author bio
• Title (title length must be a maximum of 25 characters, including spaces and punctuation. No special characters).
• Series name.
• Book sequence number (if applicable).
• Word count.
• Simultaneous submissions accepted, please notify if applicable.
• Submissions call (if applicable).
• Relationships of the main characters, such as hetero M/F, GLBT – M/M, F/F, ménage – M/F/M, M/M/F, F/F/M, etc.

Romance genres:

o General
o Action & Adventure
o African American
o Clean & Wholesome
o Collections & Anthologies
o Contemporary
o Erotica
o Fantasy
o Gay
o Historical/General
o Historical/Ancient World
o Historical/Medieval
o Historical/Regency
o Historical/Scottish
o Historical/20thCentury
o Historical/Victorian
o Historical/Viking
o Lesbian
o Military
o Multicultural & Interracial
o New Adult
o Paranormal
o Romantic Comedy
o Science Fiction
o Suspense
o Time Travel
o Western

We highlight specific elements of your story using keywords and tags.

Heat level as measured by our house levels:

o #1 – Sweet (No Graphic Sex, off screen only)
o #2 – Spicy (Graphic or Descriptive Sex)
o #3 – Hot (Frequent sexual encounters, with explicit and descriptive sex. May include casual BDSM, Fetish, or Kink)
o #4 – Intense (Very explicit and descriptive sex. May contain lifestyle BDSM, Fetish, or Kink)

Email your manuscript to .


Will my book be edited?
o Yes! Your book will be assigned to an editor and final line editor/proofreader who will work with you to polish it for publication.

How long will it take for my book to be published if accepted?
o Depending on length of manuscript, 100 days from contract to release is a general guideline.

Can I use my own cover art?
o No. Liquid Silver Publishing works with highly trained, professional artists to create a cover that reflects romance and your sub-genre or theme in order to best sell your book.

Will my book be in Print?
o No. Liquid Silver Publishing is an ePublisher. Our contract is for worldwide, English, digital rights for two years.

How often are royalties paid?
o Four quarterly payments in March, June, September, and December.

If I get a rejection, can I resubmit?
o Yes, if we’ve given you revision suggestions. Please resubmit according to the first submission guidelines, unless directed otherwise by the Acquisitions Manager.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
o Yes, we do take simultaneous submissions. Your submission will not receive any higher priority, and we request that you honor our time with disclosure and keep us informed of the status.

Do you accept previously published books?
o We do consider previously published books. We’ll need the publishing history and sales performance at time of submission.