Chantilly’s Lace

It was supposed to be a fleeting conference hookup, one night, no last names, no complications.

Three months later, a business buyout brings Scott and Chandra together again, but this time from opposite sides of the table.

Now Scott must engage in the most daunting negotiation of his life—convincing Chandra a multimillionaire wants her, both in the bedroom and the boardroom.

Cleopatra’s Dagger

Christmas Story – MacKenzie Reed

It’s Christmas! And it’s also adventurer Caryn Sinclair’s favorite holiday. Gifts and gatherings around the hearth are in; work and travel are out. So imagine her chagrin when she’s asked to join an expedition to find Cleopatra’s Dagger, a magical blade purported to show the future. Intriguing! Even so, she doesn’t consider breaking her no work during Christmas rule until she sees that Rex St. James is also a member of the team. On a previous expedition, she’d fallen hard and fast for Rex. Then he ran, stealing their find as well as her heart. Now Caryn decides to take the job not because of Rex, but despite him. The challenge of the hunt proves greater than her distrust.

Rex St. James has called himself every kind of fool. When he left Caryn before, it was because he couldn’t handle the overwhelming feelings developing between them. And when she uttered those three little words most men fear, he’d panicked. But he’s had six months to think about his one act of stupidity and when an opportunity presents itself which will bring him back into her life, Rex takes it. Uncovering Cleopatra’s Dagger is all well and good, but what Rex really wants to find is a happily-ever-after with Caryn. He has big plans to bring that about, including smiles, kisses, and much more.

As they get closer to discovering the Dagger, it becomes obvious that someone wants the treasure but would prefer Caryn and Rex not finish the expedition. Does Cleopatra’s Dagger truly reveal the future? And will it include a happy ending for Caryn and Rex, or a tragic loss beneath the shifting sands of an Egyptian desert?

Cleopatra’s Legacy – Rae Monet

Rick Masters takes his job as an Intergalactic Police Officer seriously. He’s pursuing a fugitive, in the form of one sexy, stubborn female. He won’t stop until he has her, every and any way he can.

Jordan Fare is an outlaw with a purpose, the jeweled dagger of Cleopatra and the planet Earth during the busy Christmas season. The only one in her way is foxy IO, Rick Masters. Trust is a fragile emotion for Jordan, can Rick convince her he’s worth it.

The Winner’s Circle

The roar of the track and thrill of the ride keep driver Shawn Lewin in the game, but the good old boys’ network blocks her out of the pro cup circuit. When sponsor Lovely Cosmetics’ female driver retires, Shawn steps up to take her place. She refuses to stop for anything or anyone, not even her walk-on-the-wild-side foxy competitor, driver Jimmy Normin.

Jim isn’t happy hearing Lovely’s newest driver is a woman. Women have no business behind the wheel. They aren’t made for the rigors of high-speed racing. When Jim gets his first look at Shawn Lewin, he quickly realizes what that hot number is good for. He’s determined to have her, both on and off the track, while on his way to the Winner’s Circl.

The Lost Wolf Warrior

The year is 1311. Serena de Reincolt, a young Warrior of the Wolf, is tasked with a quest: Retrieve the sacred scrolls of Solaria and the outlawed murderer, Ziem.

Failure means certain death for the Solarians.

Found at age six in the Forest of the Dean with no memory of his former life, Lord Roan Aston, The Wolf, has always felt a part of him was missing.

One thing Roan knows for certain—he is finished with warring. Taking up King Edward’s offer to protect a castle on the Scottish border, Roan is as content as he can be.

It wasn’t until Roan met an incredible woman in the most extraordinary circumstances that he pieced together his purpose in life. But their journey is fraught with danger and a vengeful King who will stop at nothing less than eradication of all those he feels threaten his rule.

Suddenly, Roan and Serena are protecting more than a society of gifted people; they are fighting for their lives, their love, and a fantastic legend.

Driving Me Insane

After three years of a phone and e-mail relationship with Angela Warren, race car driver Rick Monroe is ready to shift things into high gear. It takes a serious accident in the middle of a race to finally bring Rick and Angela to the same city at the same time, but despite their attraction, Rick isn’t sure that Angela is the expert mechanic he needs.

Angela Warren is committed to her job and to her passion for cars. As the top mechanic for Warren Manufacturing, she’ll do whatever it takes to find the cause of Rick’s accident. And not even a sexy driver’s mission to get her out of her coveralls is going to stand in her way.

Z’s Story

Former FBI Agent Angel Farin has one purpose—Revenge!Angel Farin, left for dead by the criminals she was investigating, was taken out of her job before she was ready and now she’s wants to find the person responsible for ending her career … Angel’s willing to step on anyone in her way … including FBI fugitive Agent Carl Zeik.FBI Agent Carl Zeik has one purpose—Protecting Angel.Special Agent Carl Zeik is assigned the most difficult undercover job of his career—protect the big boss’ daughter—Angel Farin, and finding out who’s threatening her … with or without her cooperation.Reluctantly teamed, Zeik and Angel begin to unravel the mystery behind a bank robbery gone wrong … it seemed simple … until they discover much more than they bargained for.

Lone Wolf One

The year is 2513.

Growing fatigued with the Realm cargo runs and ready for a much needed rest, Solarian Wolf Warrior Lenora Karom knew this last journey to Elnar was critical to the Realm.

The first to join the Solarian space program, Kabe Folker had been trapped on Elnar for over ten years. Joining the rebellion was his only way to survive, his only hope. Sacrificing himself as the rebel leader for the cause was the inevitable … being rescued by Lenora was not.

Gabe’s Prize

For SWAT Leader Gabe Blackhawk, bagging a fugitive is just another day on the job. Born of the Blackfoot Confederacy, a son of the Piikani Plains Indian tribe, Gabe is at one with his ancestry. A warrior at heart, passionate by nature and cool under pressure, Gabe has mastered all his demons. Nothing can shake his world.Until he meets Special Agent Kally Voker.Perfection is expected, rules always followed. With a family history of successful federal law enforcement officers, FBI SA Kally Voker toes the line of the law and abides by all regulations.Until she meets Detective Gabe Blackhawk.In a cooperative homicide investigation, Gabe and Kally are hot on the trail of a suspected bomber. But they discover love won’t be placed on hold in the name of justice.

A Viking’s Vow

The year is 1311.

The day of the Viking is coming to an end.

They called him Eirik the Fierce. A Norseman bred from a long line of Viking Jarls and the leader of a starving Icelandic settlement. The news from England—the King is offering a bounty equal to a year’s harvest for the pelts of Scotland’s wolves.

What Eirik found in the highland forests of Scotland was much more valuable than he could imagine. Her name was Sable.

For Sable, protecting the lives of the Solarian wolves is ingrained into the soul of every Wolf Warrior. When the battle-trained Norsemen invade the Realm territory, Sable has no choice but to fight. Forced into submission and taken prisoner Sable must surrender or die.

However, Eirik will find a female Wolf Warrior of the highest order does not take well to a life of Viking slave and he begins to wonder which of them has become enslaved.

Racing Hearts

The Company–Lovely Cosmetics

Margaret Kingsdale is a shrewd, respected businesswoman. Unfortunately, her company is losing market share. Desperate times calls for drastic measures so Mrs. Kingsdale has devised a plan that will rock the male-dominated world of stock car racing.

The challenging question is–who will drive?

The ultimate selection turned out to be painless. Cassandra Jamison captures Mrs. Kingsdale’s notice. With beauty like Cassandra’s, she will sell more cosmetics than her highest paid model and the stock car racing circuit is the perfect forum.

The second question is–who will train her?

The admired stock car racing hero and legend Justin Steed swore after a near fatal stock car accident that he would never return to the track. Nonetheless, a lucrative offer, and a failing family ranch convinces him to take the position training Cassandra.

What Justin didn’t anticipate is the hot, steamy desire he experiences when their two worlds collide. Cassandra and Justin’s undeniable attraction races from the sweltering streets of Tucson to the sultry nights of Daytona. Unfortunately, Margaret Kingsdale will stop at nothing to ensure the future of her business and with Justin as her professional weapon, she plays a deadly game with Cassandra’s life.