When Lightning Strikes

Previously Published Summerhouse Publishing as “Breaking Bear,” May, 2011; Forever More Publishing as “Breaking Bear,” December, 2014. 2016 edition with 10,000 added words. Former soldier Johnny Redbear is a gay cowboy who has never been with another man. He kept his desires buried deep, married, had a family and lost everything when he came out. All he has left now are horses and hard work. A lightning strike, fire and death burn his already complicated world to white-hot ash. Johnny moves across country to escape his past—and maybe get a “do over.” Too bad his post-traumatic stress disorder is riding shotgun. Then he meets a horse trainer named Sig. He finds it’s time to saddle up and face the storm head-on. Will the next lightning strike put him asunder or spark life in the beast within?

Going to Blazes

Previously published (2009) LSB anthology “Half-Were House”; also previously published (2014) Forever More Publishing. Blaze tries to live up to her name after being humiliated, branded, and banished by the feline shape-shifter society for simply being different. Really different. She can only shift when she comes, and then, only partially—and it doesn’t last.

Looking for love in all the wrong places, she ends up inadvertently scent-matched to another misfit shifter. A human male/Doberman, of all things. Fighting like cats and dogs takes on a whole new meaning for Blaze and Jack as they struggle to accept their spiritual, and physical, bonds. Are they going to set an example for the shifter prides and packs, or will they simply end up chasing each other’s tails?

Claimed By the Djinn

Previously published (2013) ForeverMore Publishing; (2011) Summerhouse Publishing, as “Sweat and Seduction.”.

Maggie Abbott believes everything should be accompanied by an orgasm. Paying the bills. Grocery shopping. Standing in line. Walking the damned treadmill.

Working out at the gym proves to be quite a thrill for her when a Djinn of Italian descent takes over as her personal trainer. Not that Adanto hasn’t already been in love with her for seven hundred years. How romantic can he make going to the gym? Can he win her heart as he works her booty? Will the odor of sweat and determination perfume their encounters, or will he end up forever bound to a heavy piece of obsolete exercise equipment Maggie abhors?

In a time when magic lanterns are no longer strewn about for princes and thieves to find, and the Djinn race has all-but-disappeared from the world of humans, Maggie finds all her wishes can come true—as long as she is on that blessed treadmill.


(2009) Liquid Silver Books – Hearts Afire: October anthology and Forevermore Publishing (year unknown)
Ben Storms knows fire. A hotshot, he’s not afraid to fight fire with fire and walk into the belly of a blaze to put it out. Only one thing has ever frightened him—how he feels about Hadyn O’Hara, a fellow firefighter. The largest wildland fire in decades brings them together again, working the same handcrew. Too bad Fire is a jealous bitch and doesn’t want to share Ben. Hadyn breathes in the spirit of Fire after an injury and sets Ben’s heart ablaze—with dire consequences to them both.

The Godspouse

Previously published (2013) Forever More Publishing. Therapist to the old gods, Paige Barlow’s office notes describe Odin as “an odor and flavor that can only be described with words of creation. Renewal. Inception. Formation. He is the All-Father, the bringer of life, the terrible one and the god of poetry.” That, and so much more. Odin is a full-time patient on her psychiatric sofa. Dr. Paige Barlow’s business is busy, lucrative, and never dull.

Her new assistant, Lara, will fit in just fine as long as she keeps an open mind. Raised by her polytheistic Icelandic grandmother and great-grandmother, Lara is ready to believe anything—so long as there’s a steady paycheck in it. Staying focused on the job becomes problematic when Odin and Loki come in for their session. The adoration in the doctor’s eyes for Odin can only be matched by the fire in Loki’s, for Lara, who finds herself drawn into Flame Hair’s passions. God-touched, god-bothered, and blissed out, how can a girl get her job done when facing a flame-thrower of attention from the Trickster himself? Beat him at his own game, perhaps.

With Intent

Re-release (2012) Forever More Publishing. Dr. Paige Barlow wants to help her patients heal the wounds of their past to make a brighter future. A provider of services in a niche area, she believes that a little talk therapy can help anyone. Even a god. Or several gods. Entire pantheons of gods. The more twisted and sordid the lore, the more she is determined to get to the root of the issue. And kill it with fire if necessary. She’s not offering a Band-Aid—she’s offering second chances. Step into an erotic fantasy with Darragha Foster’s latest, With Intent, her first book in the new series, Therapist of the Gods.

Harvest of Change

Judah Hayaam “Hay” El-Bara is a marked man born with the nevus of the Harvest Goddess. It makes him special but also portends his doom. He is destined be her husband, the seed to her soil, and it will more than likely kill him. He wants to do what’s right—for his family and for the faith to which he no longer subscribes. But he has no sexual interest in women—goddess or not. Beck Nazari shows him doing the wrong thing is way more fun and important. Will his relationship with Beck cause the sky to fall and burn because the bridegroom loves another man? Or will the gender-fluid goddess kiss away tradition-born fears and help usher in a new era? Either way, change is coming as surely as winter never fails to turn into spring. And most folks are uncomfortable with change.

Love’s Second Sight

This may include the best read-aloud-to-each-other foreplay ever.

Based on ancient Icelandic sagas, the story of Thorgunna and her predestined true love, Leif Eiricksson, comes alive with the force of a North Atlantic gale.

She’s a shrewd Viking Age businesswoman with two things Norsemen crave: her beer and her virginity. Not to mention that a nasty little demigod wants her as his “last refuge” of worship. All she wants is to be left alone to run her island and take care of her people. Not so easy when a storm blows true love your way.

He is the son of Eirik the Red, founder of the colony of Greenland. Blown off course on his way to Norway, he must choose between the woman of his dreams and his duty to his father, his country, and his king.

Fighting a king, Rus traders, and even the gods is nothing compared to the battle of wits and want between Thorgunna and the Norseman who insists on making her his—even if it’s over his own dead body.

The Orca King II

Made impotent by a shadow born of his own poor choices and godly misdeeds, whale-shifter Big Tom, The Orca King, takes on the challenge of a lifetime to make amends to the women whose personal histories he’s abused after leading too many of them on needless sensual vision quests. To restore and renew his vitality and ability to shape-shift, and to save the life of his true love—a man infested with the breath of the serpent demon—he must confront his shadow head-on—not with force, but with love. The Orca King was named in the top-twenty five most unusual paranormal characters in the last twenty-five years by Romantic Times Booklovers Magazine.

Mooncusser Cove

Born in 1864 to a wealthy coastal family, Vesper Highgate-Adaire was well on her way to becoming a first-rate stripper just like her mother. A stripper of boots and brass off the bodies of wrecked sailors, in accordance with family traditions—the traditions of the Mooncusser clan. Traditions that changed after the wrecking of a ship befouled by an accursed sea captain—who in his twisted rage, shared his curse with the clan.

They became Shadow Lovers, the lot of them, for all time, cursed to feed upon those energies best expended only between husband and wife. Or upon blood. And only on the dark of the moon.

Forced to leave their beloved beach so as not to saturate the land with their poison, only Vesper remained behind to care for the family estate, and wait for the unholy captain’s return.

But time and tide and the feverish nightmares left behind in her victims after her embrace do not wait for dark nights to move in their unstoppable, mysterious ways. A juggernaut of hellish proportions is coming to the beach—and there’s only one way to stop it. Hard-headed and proud, Vesper won’t accept that fact. She’d rather die fighting than flee and live. Good thing the only person alive able to control a Mooncusser’s daughter has returned to the cove. And his blood-ties to the beach are just as thick as hers.

Mooncusser Cove — a modern day retelling of Frankenstein with a Brigadoon twist. Ghost ships! Curses! Land pirates! Vampires who feed on sexual energy! The persecution of witches! Just another day at Vespers by the Sea bed-and-breakfast at Mooncusser Cove.