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  • Contemporary – Set in current time with current behaviors and values
  • Fantasy – Fairy tales and supernatural phenomena
  • Gothic – Combination of romance and horror
  • Historical – Set in the time period before WWII
  • Paranormal – Settings and creates beyond the realm of humans, including vampires and shifters
  • Regency – Set during the British Regency period (1811-1820)
  • Romantic Comedy – Light-hearted and humorous plotlines
  • Science Fiction – Futuristic technology, aliens and off-earth settings
  • Suspense – Drama and danger
  • Urban Fantasy – Contemporary, post-apocalyptic city with supernatural elements
  • Western – USA old west cowboys or current-day rodeo and ranch plotlines
  • BDSM – Bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission, and/or sadism and masochism
  • GLBT – Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender

#1 Sweet

  • Sweet, sensual romance
  • Builds toward committed relationship
  • Monogamous relationships
  • No graphic sex
  • Happily ever after (HEA)

#2 Spicy

  • Spicy, sexy romance
  • Sensual tension builds to relationship sex, committed relationship
  • Graphic, descriptive sex
  • Monogamous relationships
  • Happily ever after (HEA)

#3 Hot

  • Quick heat and sexual interaction between partners
  • Frequent sexual encounters
  • Sexual tension and encounters resulting in a committed relationship
  • Explicit, descriptive sex
  • Casual BDSM, fetish and/or kink
  • Monogamous relationships
  • Happily ever after (HEA)

#4 Intense

  • Intense heat and sexual interaction
  • Descriptive, explicit sex
  • Lifestyle, BDSM,fetish and/or kink
  • Violence
  • Multiple partners
  • Happy for now or happily ever after (HFN or HEA
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